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Kirby BIM Manager speaks at ‘BIM Ready’ event

  • October 27, 2015

    Mark Danaher, BIM Manager at Kirby, discussed the advances in the prefabrication of Mechanical and Electrical services utilising BIM at the ‘BIM Ready’ Pavilion as part of Digital Construction Week which was held in London last week.

    During his presentation, Mark discussed the benefits associated with BIM, particularly in the area of prefabrication, the application of the correct process flows when utilising BIM for the purpose of prefabrication, and the implementation and use of new technologies associated with prefabrication through BIM.

    Mark joined Kirby in 2012 as the company was starting its BIM journey. Since then and following significant investment, Kirby went on to create a dedicated BIM department consisting of 12 highly qualified construction engineers.

    Mark participated in an interview for a recent article, ‘Best in BIM’,  in the latest issue of Irish Building Magazine. Read the article here.

    Mark Danaher, BIM Manager at Kirby pictured during his presentation at the 'BIM Ready' event in London