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Kirby proud to support Engineers’ Week 2016

  • February 25, 2016

    The 28th of February marks the start of Engineers’ Week 2016 and Kirby is showing its support for the weeklong celebration of engineering in Ireland by sponsoring a number of events.

    Kirby is sponsoring a number of shows across Ireland which over 540 schoolchildren, ranging in ages from 7 to 16, will attend and learn about the world of engineering in Ireland and the vast career opportunities available in the engineering sector.

    The shows will offer students an insight into the life of an engineer, what the future holds for engineering and explore some interesting topics such as space and aviation from an engineering perspective.

    Kirby recognises the importance of celebrating engineering and promoting the fantastic career opportunities available in science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) to people of all ages but in particular to students.  Nurturing young talent and promoting a career in engineering has been a part of the Kirby ethos for over 50 years with successful programmes such as the Kirby Graduate programme and the Kirby Apprenticeship programme.

    To learn more about Engineers’ Week, visit:

    Kirby is proud to support Engineers' Week 2016