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Indaver WtE, Ireland

Indaver WtE, Ireland

    • Client:
    • Indaver, Dublin, Ireland
    • Consultant:
    • PM Group, Dublin, Ireland
    • Project Description:
    • New 18MWe Waste to Energy facility
    • Work-Scope:
    • Electrical, instrumentation and mechanical HVAC building services
    • Value:
    • €4.5M

Project Description

Brief Description

Indaver was responsible for the construction of the first Waste to Energy (WtE) facility in Ireland. The 18MWe facility has the capacity to process 200,000 tonnes of waste annually and cost €130M to develop.

Multi-disciplinary Capabilities

Given our track record within the power generation sector, Indaver awarded Kirby the contract to install all electrical and instrumentation services associated with the new facility. They utilised our full-service capability and also awarded us the contract to install all mechanical HVAC building services, thereby optimising service coordination and planning activities on site during construction.

Kirby also secured work packages from the specialist vendors such as Volund and LAB France to pre-fabricate, install and test piping systems associated with their packaged plant.

Our electrical work-scope included the installation of MV infrastructure, lighting, general services, specialist systems and controls / instrumentation services. Our HVAC scope included galvanised ductwork installation for supply/extract ventilation systems and AC services within the administration and control centres.

Overcoming Challenges

The over-riding challenge on this WtE project was the confined working space for all trade disciplines. Plant areas in the vicinity of the boiler were extremely congested necessitating careful and coordinated planning of all work activities amongst the numerous contractors involved on the project. Equally, the majority of electrical containment was supported off the main building structural steel envelope. We liaised very closely with the building main contractor to expedite certain work-faces such that we were in a position to concentrate on early power on status etc.