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Irish Cement, Ireland

Irish Cement, Ireland

    • CLIENT:
    • CRH
    • Fluor
    • Fluor
    • PROJECT:
    • Kiln 3 Project
    • VALUE:
    • €8m
    • SECTOR:
    • Industrial Manufacturing
    • Louth, Ireland


CRH invested €200 at their cement manufacturing facility in Drogheda, Co. Louth. The Kiln 3 expansion project increased the plant output capacity from 1.3m tonnes to 2.2m tonnes per annum, operating at world class standards in energy efficiency and environmental performance.
Kirby were contracted to complete all the electrical and instrumentation services associated with the project including HV/MV infrastructure, motive power, general services as well as receipt verification, installation, calibration and loop checking of all instrumentation.
The works were undertaken within the constituent areas of the Kiln 3 project namely the Kiln and Pre-heater tower, Raw mill,Coal mill, Cement mill, Grate cooler, Clinker silo and Lime store. Kiln 1 & Kiln 2 remained fully operational during the build and commissioning of the Kiln 3 facility.


Kirby scope of works included installation and commissioning of electrical and instrumentation services.
The electrical systems installed by Kirby included:
• MV Distribution
• LV Distribution (including design)
• General and Emergency Lighting (including design)
• General Service Power (including design)
• Fire Detection and Alarm
• Earthing and Bonding
• Lightning Protection
The electrical plant items installed included 16 number of 15kVA transformers, 7 number of MDB’s, 23 number of SMDB’s, local control panels, coupling cabinets, SBX panels and VSD panels, over 1,000 local control boxes.
The total project meterage consisted of 350,000m of cable, 40,000m of containment, 1,200 number of instruments and 12,000 number of loops.