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Kilgallioch Substation, Scotland

Kilgallioch Substation, Scotland

    • CLIENT:
    • Scottish Power
    • Iberdrola
    • PROJECT:
    • Kilgallioch 275/33kV Substation
    • VALUE:
    • £3.5m
    • SECTOR:
    • Substations and Renewables
    • South Ayrshire, Scotland


The 275/33 kV Kilgallioch substation was built 5km south of Barrhill in South Ayrshire to accommodate the connection of the 94 turbine Kilgallioch Windfarm to the grid. Kirby was awarded the Balance of Plant (BoP) contract, to facilitate the construction and commissioning of 275kV AIS equipment with plant items and associated structures.

All works associated with terminating the DNO supply to the LVAC board was also the responsibility of Kirby as the BoP contractor. Kirby produced a full commissioning program and also carried out remote end works at 1 no. 275kV remote substations to facilitate the expansion and balancing of the local network.


Kirby scope of works included electrical installation and commissioning services:

• Primary Equipment Transmission Connection
• Earthing & Bonding
• Control & Protection System
• MV Cable Connection System
• Fibre Network
• DC Battery Systems
• Generator

Installed plant items included 3 no. auxiliary transformers, 3 no. 33kV circuit breakers, 5 no. 275kV circuit breakers, 6 no. 275kV disconnectors, 6 no. 33kV disconnectors, 5 no. distribution boards, 35 no. control & protection panels, 1 no. battery system, disconnectors and earth switches, LVAC/LVDC plant.

The total project meterage consisted of 34,250m of cable and 24 number joints/terminations.