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Oswestry Substation, Wales

Oswestry Substation, Wales

    • CLIENT:
    • Scottish Power Energy Networks
    • Iberdrola
    • PROJECT:
    • Oswestry 132kV Substation
    • VALUE:
    • £3.5m
    • SECTOR:
    • Substations and Renewables
    • Oswestry, England


This project consisted of a new build double busbar, dual transformer 132kV substation and the integration of this new transmission station into the local 33kV network.
Kirby was responsible for the electrical installation and commissioning, including remote end work at 5 no. SPEN substations. Once the main substation was constructed and available for commissioning, Kirby was responsible for the linking of five 33kV substations into the overall protection scheme. This involved modification to live panels and was carried out on a phased basis.
Initially, the works at each substation were scheduled to take approximately two weeks, however with forward planning and competent resourcing we were able to reduce the outage to four days and thus reduce any risk to the network and customers.


Kirby scope of works included electrical installation and commissioning including remote end work at 5 no. 33kV substations.
• Primary Equipment Transmission Connection
• Earthing & Bonding
• Control & Protection System
• MV Cable Connection System
• Fibre Network
• DC Battery Systems
Installed AIS Switchgear, including LNER, NER, 2 number auxiliary transformers, 12 number 132 kV circuit breakers, 20 number disconnector/earth switches and 33kV joints/terminations.