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Sanofi Aventis, France

Sanofi Aventis, France

    • CLIENT:
    • Sanofi Aventis, France
    • PM Group
    • PM Group
    • PROJECT:
    • Sanofi Aventis Bio-Launch Project
    • VALUE:
    • €7m
    • SECTOR:
    • Life Sciences
    • Vitry-sur-Seine, France


Kirby, in partnership with GDF-Suez Energy Services subsidiary, INEO, delivered the entire electrical and instrumentation work scope for this project; a new €200m cell culture manufacturing facility on a brownfield site.

Kirby was responsible for receipt of all instruments, benchmarking prior to release to the mechanical contractor, subsequent cold and hot loop checking and in-situ calibration services. All areas of the production building were included within Kirby’s scope from media/buffer preparation to pre/post viral, harvesting and purification.

All containment within the cleanroom areas was ‘Hycon’ hygienic tubing with Kirby responsible for all associated preparation of piping materials, sealing and subsequent testing. Close cooperation and coordination of services between all trade contractors was necessary due to the complexity of building services, particularly within the media and buffer preparation areas.


Kirby scope of works included electrical and instrumentation services.

The electrical and instrumentation systems installed by Kirby included:

• General Service Power
• Earthing and Bonding
• Profibus
• Scada

The total project meterage consisted of 80,000m of cable, 4,000m of containment, 3,000 number of instruments, 2,500 number of loops, 900 number of calibrations and 3,000 number of I/O points.