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Semi-conductor Facility Upgrade, Ireland

Semi-conductor Facility Upgrade, Ireland

    • Client:
    • Confidential Client, Ireland
    • Consultant:
    • M&W Group, Ireland
    • Project Description:
    • Wafer fabrication production facility upgrade
    • Work-Scope:
    • Main electrical and instrumentation works package associated with an existing wafer-fab production upgrade
    • Value:
    • €60M

Project Description

Brief Description

In November 2012, Kirby was awarded the contract to install all electrical, LSS, communications, instrumentation and controls services associated with a wafer fabrication process conversion project. The project was completed to our customer’s satisfaction in August 2013.


The project contained a number of challenges for the combined construction team:

  • Fast track nature of project delivery with construction just lagging design outputs
  • Working in a live plant containing potentially hazardous chemicals and gasses
  • Management of a large number of directly employed trades peaking at 310
  • Physically large construction site, but material and plant storage constraints necessitating off-site storage and pre-fabrication

Achieving Excellence

Against this challenging environment, we delivered a high level of performance across the key project indicators of EHS, Quality, Schedule, Commercial and Innovation.

Our leadership and management of EHS was particularly effective, demonstrated by 10 awards for safety performance throughout the project.

Quality of installation and system handover was also considered crucial and Kirby delivered for our client in this regard with five separate awards for quality received throughout the project.

We also secured a major tool hook-up contract from the end-user client which ran concurrently with the upgrade works.

Utilising Innovation

A key component of our delivery model for this project involved the use of 3D BIM modelling techniques to design and construct the tool containment systems. We worked with other trade discipline contractors, using software packages such as AutoCAD, Revit and TotalStation to produce a fully coordinated model of the congested sub-fab utility areas.

LEAN construction techniques were encouraged throughout the design and build process. Kirby fully subscribed to this initiative and were instrumental in developing off-site internet-based training and induction programs; cloud based mobile technology at the work face; and early contractor engagement through integrated project delivery approaches.

The above techniques were key factors in the overall drive for optimum efficiency during construction and have subsequently been incorporated into Kirby’s project execution programmes across all our services and geographic regions.