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Related Projects

Prefabrication, Modularisation and Digital Construction

Through early engagement and collaboration, our Prefabrication, Modularisation and Digital Construction approach allows us to continuously deliver value to our clients by making a positive impact on key project drivers such as programme, Q-EHS, budget and building life cycle costs, and ensures the best possible project outcome for our clients.

Kirby has utilised off-site fabrication and modular construction approach for many years. The benefits to both, the client and our company, can be summarised as follows:


• Reduced on-site construction duration.
• Reduced management costs and risk.
• Higher quality of final product is more efficiently achieved in factory environment specifically set up for fabrication.
• Depending on the module type, lean manufacturing in factory environment can generate additional cost savings even when additional structural and transportation costs are considered.
• Reduced on site commissioning duration post functional module testing off-site.


We have a selection of case studies that provide the details on the recently completed projects involving modular construction – Modular Data Centres, Modular Pipe-Racks, Clean Utility Drops & Transfer Panels, WFI and Clean Steam Generation Skids.

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